Find the Right GI Hotels to Meet Your Needs

The Highglade Gold Club, one of the most prominent and established golfing organizations in the United States, is celebrating its 30th year of providing members with an outstanding experience. This club’s history has been a testament to the lasting commitment that is essential for any professional golfer to develop into a top-level player. As a member of the HGI, you will be among individuals who have worked hard to continually improve their game through monthly conference calls and emails, as well as attending high-profile tournaments around the country. If you are interested in becoming a member, I recommend looking into signing up today.

A trip to the HGI’s North Carolina headquarters should provide you with a nice feel as you prepare to play. One of the first things to notice when entering the facility is the immaculate golf practice area complete with proper bunkers and putting greens. The overall layout of the course is very impressive, as is the hotel near Mecklenburg, NC. The lavish suites available at the hotel provide an excellent accommodation option for golfers who are looking to stay close to the heart of the action.

If you’re a fan of the game but aren’t a full-time member, I recommend booking a hotel near the courses instead of staying at a pricey hotels just a few blocks away. Not only will it provide you with more parking space, but you can also take advantage of complimentary breakfast, afternoon and evening entertainment while practicing your game. Another benefit of playing at the hotel near Mecklenburg is that you get all of the convenience of the North Carolina coast right in your hotel. There are many walking paths and nature trails to take, so you can spend some time in the quiet of the morning before heading back out to hit the links.

Most players who travel to the United States on a golfing vacation prefer to stay in a golf resort. When deciding on which hotel near Mecklenburg, NC to stay, be sure to take into account the proximity to some of the best courses in the area. Two of the most famous golf resorts in the world are located in this area. They are operated by championship golfers Robert Trent Jones and Danny Sullivan. You can be guaranteed that there is plenty of quality golf in any direction of the hotel near Mecklenburg, NC.

Another top-notch golf resort is run by the Pro Tour team of Jimmy Pema and Brian Anderson. If you want to stay near the famed PGA golf course, stay at the Pease Inn Resort. This hotel is located near the renowned courses at the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Inn is constructed to keep the players comfortable, but is not as luxurious as its two nearest competitors, the Harrah’s Charlotte Harbor and the Wildfire Mountain Club.

If you’d rather stay on the East Coast, you can go to the Ramblewood Resort in Rockbridge, NC. Situated near the tracks of the Silver Springs PGA golf course, the Ramblewood Resort has a cozy atmosphere with a variety of accommodations. You can even book a room near one of the 18-hole Ramblewood Golf Course. The Ramblewood has its own well-appointed restaurant that offers tasty meals.

If you prefer to play a course close to home, the Killarney Inn Resort in Killarney, Va., is your best choice. It is one of the closest stops to the St. George Golf and Country Club, one of the country’s famous golf courses. The Killarney Inn also has a water park and fitness center for you to use. You can easily find an affordable hotel near this lovely location.

If you are looking for a more upscale accommodation, you might want to check out the Hodge Park Hotel in uptown Norfolk, VA. This lovely hotel is nestled in the heart of historic downtown Norfolk. You can use the conference and meeting facilities in the hotel, or use the many wonderful restaurants, bars and spas throughout the city. The hotel near golf courses is ideal for business travelers and families who wish to experience a little elegance and comfort in their lodging.